Big Data 2014: Know Thyself

One of the key issues facing businesses in 2014 is utilizing the large quantities of  complex data collected across various channels. Most businesses see the need for relevant social integration and understand that social listening is key to evolving with changing paradigms. The big question now is what to do with this information.



[INFOGRAPHIC] 300% Increase in Trucking Company’s Applications through Job Optimization

In today’s digital recruiting world, making the most of your recruiting efforts is a constant cycle of evolution. The same job postings across multiple boards with the same content will only get you so far. Accurate metrics, data analysis, and job optimization are key to keep up with real time changes to your target audience of potential employees.

The Infographic below highlights the process of job optimization used for my client, a mid size trucking client looking to hire drivers nationally. When responses to their job postings on a niche job board fell in the third quarter of 2013, I analyzed the data and had recommendations for improvements to their campaign. The changes took effect in November and the results couldn’t have been better.

Record for Success: Real Results from my Trucking Client

Record for Success:
Real Results from my Trucking Client