Allyson Ray

Indianapolis, IN 46278 · AllysonLRay@gmail.com

Experienced recruiting and online media professional with experience in niche recruiting, job board optimization, data analysis, and social media strategy.
Creating SEO branded content, copy editing, and HTML coding unique job postings
• Implementing social media initiatives, creating company policies, and employee referral incentives
• New business development and lead qualification within niche markets
• Reporting metrics, data analysis, ROI evaluations, and preparing RFPs
• Sourcing and qualifying active and passive candidates based on client requirements
• Conducting employee orientations, trainings and programs, counseling, and evaluations
• Processing internal payroll, data entry, onboarding paperwork, and E-verify

Currently focused on job optimization for clients within the trucking, transportation, and logistics industries.

• Monitor client job postings, views, responses, applies, and conversion rates
• Analyze data and metrics, present data to clients with recommendations
• Utilize Employer branding to customize postings for increased exposure
• Optimize ad content for increased conversion rates and responses
• Develop content and ad copies with engaging elements and SEO strategy





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